Among the ledger accounts used by Glenwood Speedway are the following: Prepaid Rent, Rent
Expense, Unearned Admissions Revenue, Admissions Revenue, Prepaid Printing, Printing Expense, Concessions Receivable, and Concessions Revenue. For each of the following items, provide the journal entry (if one is needed) to record the initial transaction and provide the adjusting entry, if any, required on May 31, the end of the fiscal year.
On May 1, borrowed $300,000 cash from National Bank by issuing a 12 percent note payable due in three months.
On May 1, paid rent for six months beginning May 1 at $30,000 per month.
On May 2, sold season tickets for a total of $910,000 cash. The season includes 70 racing days: 20 in May, 25 in June, and 25 in July.
On May 4, an agreement was reached with Snack-Bars, Inc., allowing that company to sell refreshments at the track in return for 10 percent of the gross receipts from refreshment sales.

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