An accurate assessment of oxygen consumption provides important information for determining energy expenditure requirements for physically demanding tasks. The paper “Oxygen Consumption During Fire Suppression: Error of Heart Rate Estimation” (Ergonomics [1991]: 1469–1474) reported on a study in which x = oxygen consumption (in milliliters per kilogram per minute) during a treadmill test was determined for a sample of 10 fire fighters. Then y = oxygen consumption at a comparable heart rate was measured for each of the 10 individuals while they performed a fire-suppression simulation. This resulted in the following data and scatterplot:
a. Does the scatterplot suggest an approximate linear relationship?
b. The investigators fit a least-squares line. The resulting Minitab output is given in the following:
Predict fire-simulation consumption when treadmill consumption is 40.
c. How effectively does a straight line summarize the relationship?
d. Delete the first observation, (51.3, 49.3), and calculate the new equation of the least-squares line and the value of r2. What do you conclude?

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