An advertisement for Seldane D a now discontinued drug prescribed for seasonal
An advertisement for Seldane­D,
a (now discontinued) drug prescribed for seasonal allergic rhinitis, reported results of a double-blinda study in which 374 patients took Seldane-D and 193 took a placebo (Time, 27 March 1995, p. 18). Headaches were reported as a side effect by 65 of those taking Seldane-D.
a. What is the sample proportion of Seldane-D takers who reported headaches?
b. What is the standard error accompanying the proportion computed in part (a)?
c. Construct a 95% confidence interval for the population proportion based on the informa­tion from parts (a) and (b).
d. Interpret the confidence interval from part (c) by writing a few sentences explaining what it means.
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