An analysis of the payroll for the month of November for Projection Inc. reveals the information shown:

*All regular time
Hathaway, Kunis, and Portman are production workers, and Streep is the plant manager. Williams is in charge of the office. Cumulative earnings paid (before deductions) in this calendar year prior to the payroll period ending November 8 were as follows: Hathaway, $12,000; Kunis, $7,800; Portman, $11,500; Streep, $89,400; and Williams, $32,800.

The solution to this problem requires the following forms, using the indicated column headings:

Net Amount Paid
1. Prepare an employee earnings record for each of the five employees.
2. Prepare a payroll record for each of the four weeks.
3. Prepare a labor cost summary for the month.
4. Prepare journal entries to record the following:
a. The payroll for each of the four weeks.
b. The payment of wages for each of the four payrolls.
c. The distribution of the monthly labor costs per the labor cost summary.
d. The company's payroll taxes covering the four payrollperiods.

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