An April 2012 Gallup Poll of low income moms showed that
An April 2012 Gallup Poll of low-income moms showed that 54% of stay-at-home moms experienced stress, and 49% of employed moms experienced stress. All respondents had an annual household income of less than $36,000.
a. (Example 11) Can we conclude, on the basis of these two percentages alone, that in the United States, a greater percentage of stay-at-home moms than of employed moms experienced stress? Explain.
b. (Example 12) Assume that the sampling was done with 1000 stay-at-home moms and 1000 working moms. Report the numbers you would need to enter into StatCrunch as shown in the figure. Let sample 1 be the stay-at-home moms.
c. (Example 13) Check that the conditions for using the two-proportion confidence interval hold. Note that polls such as Gallup do not ask poll questions of related people. For example, they do not ask questions of both husbands and wives.
d. (Example 14) Find a 95% confidence interval for the difference in proportions (stay-at-home minus working), and interpret the interval.
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