Question: An article by M Dupagne and D Waterman Journal of

An article (by M. Dupagne and D. Waterman, Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media, vol. 42, 1998 pp. 208–220 ), studied variables relating to the percentage of TV programs in 17 Western European countries that consisted of fiction programs imported from the United States. One explanatory variable considered was the percentage of stations in the country that are private. The data are in the TV Europe data file on the text CD.
a. Construct a scatterplot. Describe the direction of the association.
b. Find the correlation and the regression line. Draw the line on the scatterplot.
c. Do you observe an outlier? If so, what makes the observation unusual? Would you expect it to be an influential observation?
d. Delete the observation identified in part c from the data set. Find the regression line and the correlation. Compare your results to those in part b. Was the observation influential? Explain.

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