Question: An article in the Electronic Journal of Biotechnology Optimization of

An article in the Electronic Journal of Biotechnology (“Optimization of Medium Composition for Transglutaminase Production by a Brazilian Soil Streptomyces sp.,”) describes the use of designed experiments to improve the medium for cells used in a new microbial source of transglutaminase (MTGase), an enzyme that catalyzes an acyl transfer reaction using peptide-bond glutamine residues as acyl donors and some primary amines as acceptors. Reactions catalyzed by MTGase can be used in food processing. The article describes two phases of experimentation: screening with a fractional factorial, and optimization. We will use only the optimization experiment. The design was a central composite design in four factors: x1 = KH2PO4, x2 = MgSO47H2O, x3 = soybean flour, and x4 = peptone. MTGase activity is the response, which should be maximized. Table 14E.11 contains the design and the response data.
The design and data are in the Minitab worksheet Ex14-18.MTW.

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