Question: An article in the New York Times March 2 1994

An article in the New York Times (March 2, 1994) reported that people who suffer cardiac arrest in New York City have only a 1 in 100 chance of survival. Using probability notation, an equivalent statement would be P (survival) = .01 for people who suffer a cardiac arrest in New York City (The article attributed this poor survival rate to factors common in large cities: traffic congestion and the difficulty of finding victims in large buildings. Similar studies in smaller cities showed higher survival rates.)
a. Give a relative frequency interpretation of the given probability.
b. The research that was the basis for the New York Times article was a study of 2329 consecutive cardiac arrests in New York City. To justify the “1 in 100 chance of survival” statement, how many of the 2329 cardiac arrest sufferers do you think survived? Explain.

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