An assembly plant tracks the daily productivity of the workers on the line. Each day, for every employee, the plant records the number of hours put in (Hours) and the number of completed packages assembled by the employee (Count). A scatterplot of the data for one day shows a linear trend. A fitted line with the equation
Estimated Count = – 2 + 15 Hours
summarizes this trend
(a) Interpret the slope and intercept in the fitted line.
(b) A carton holds 12 packages. A working day at this plant has 8 hours. Describe the regression line if the data were converted to cartons produced (Y) and days (or fraction of a day) worked.
(c) Would the r2 summary attached to the regression model change along with the slope and intercept when the data are converted to cartons and days?
(d) What about the value of se? Would it change with the new scales?

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