Question: An Associated Press GfK Poll shows that 38 of American drivers

An Associated Press/GfK Poll shows that 38% of American drivers favor U.S. cars, while 33% prefer Asian brands, with the remaining 29% going for other foreign cars (, April 21, 2010). This highlights a significant improvement for U.S. automakers, especially when just a few years ago General Motors Co. and Chrysler LLC needed government help just to survive. Perhaps Americans are giving U.S. automakers a closer look due to their buffed-up offerings.
A researcher believes that the “buy American” sentiment may also be the result of watching an iconic American industry beaten down amid the Great Recession. He wonders whether the preferences for cars have changed since the Associated Press/GfK Poll. He surveys 200 Americans and finds that the number of respondents in the survey who prefer American, Asian, and other foreign cars are 66, 70, and 64, respectively.
At the 5% significance level, can the researcher conclude that preferences have changed since the Associated Press/GfK Poll?

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