An experiment was conducted to examine the effects of different
An experiment was conducted to examine the effects of different levels of reinforcement and different levels of isolation on children’s ability to recall. A single analyst was to work with a random sample of 36 children selected from a relatively homogeneous group of fourth- grade students. Two levels of reinforcement (none and verbal) and three levels of isolation (20, 40, and 60 minutes) were to be used. Students were randomly assigned to the six treatment groups, with a total of six students being assigned to each group.
Each student was to spend a 30- minute session with the analyst. During this time, the student was to memorize a specific passage, with reinforcement provided as dictated by the group to which the student was assigned. Following the 30- minute session, the student was isolated for the time specified for his or her group and then tested for recall of the memorized passage. The data appear next.
a. What can you conclude about the effects of level of reinforcement and time of isolation on the average recall test score?
b. Verify that the conditions needed to validly apply your tests in part (a) are not violated.
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