Question: An important study in the memory literature is an old

An important study in the memory literature is an old study by Eysenck (1974) in which he compared the recall of older participants under one of five levels of processing of the material. He demonstrated that when asked to perform a higher level of processing of a list of words, participants showed better recall at a later time. Another aspect of Eysenck’s study compared Younger and Older participants on their ability to recall material in the face of instructions simply telling that they should memorize the material for later recall. (Presumably this task required a high level of processing, which older participants may not do well.) The data on 10 participants in each group follow, where the dependent variable is the number of items recalled.
(a) Conduct the analysis of variance comparing the means of these two groups.
(b) Conduct an independent groups t test on the data and compare the results to those you obtained in part (a). Your t should simply be the square root of F.

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