Question: An intersection has a four way stop sign but no traffic

An intersection has a four-way stop sign but no traffic light. Currently, about 1200 cars use the intersection a day, and the rate of accidents at the intersection is about one every two weeks. The potential benefit of adding a traffic light was studied using a computer simulation by modeling traffic flow at the intersection if a light were to be installed. The simulation included 100,000 repetitions of 1200 cars using the intersection to mimic 100,000 days of use. Of the 100,000 simulations, an accident occurred in 5230 of them, and no accident occurred in the rest. (There were no simulated days with two or more accidents.)
a. Based on the results of the simulation, what is the estimated number of accidents in a 2-week period if the traffic light were to be installed?
b. Does the simulation show that adding the traffic light would be a good idea? Explain.

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