An officer training program has 9 board members who provide
An officer training program has 9 board members who provide ratings for the candidates. The high and low scores are dropped before the overall rating is computed. For a sample of 28 persons from the most recent class of candidates, the overall ratings and ratings by the individual board members are provided in data file XR17055. a. Construct the correlation matrix for all 10 variables.
b. With overall rating as the dependent variable, perform a stepwise regression and interpret the results.
c. From the results in part (b), does it appear that the size of the board could be reduced without losing very much explanatory power? Explain.
d. Using only the data provided by the first two board members introduced in part (b), perform a multiple regression analysis. Compare the results with the stepwise regression as it appeared following the introduction of these board members.
We suggest that Minitab users specify alpha-to-enter as 0.05 and alphato- remove as 0.10.
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