Analyze and comment on the phone conversation described in this case in relation to identity theft.
One afternoon, Gina Lowell received a call at work from her credit card company. The woman on the other end of the phone asked some questions.
“We are calling you because our fraud detection system has flagged your account for possible identity theft. We need to ask you only a few brief questions to protect your account.”
“Okay,” said Gina.
“We first need to make sure we are talking to the right person,” the woman said. “So I’ll begin by verifying a recent transaction on your account. Our records indicate that last night at 7:45 p.m. you made a purchase for $213.95. Can you tell me the name of the store where you made this purchase?”
Gina immediately remembered the purchase. She had bought a wristwatch for her brother’s birthday.
“Yes,” Gina responded. “That was for a watch at the Beach Emporium.”
“Thank you,” the woman continued. “We’re going to have to cancel your card and issue a new one,” she said. “But first, we need to verify some other recent charges on your account.”
Gina listened with anticipation.

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