Analyze the accounting equation effects of the transactions in M2- 15 using the format shown in the chapter and compute total assets, total liabilities, and total stockholders’ equity.
a. The company purchased equipment for $ 4,000 cash. The equipment is expected to be used for 10 or more years.
b. Joel’s business bought $ 7,000 worth of inventory from a publisher. The company will pay the publisher within 45– 60 days.
c. Joel’s friend Sam lent $ 4,000 to the business. Sam had Joel write a note promising that would repay the $ 4,000 in four months. Because they are good friends, Sam is not going to charge Joel interest.
d. The company paid $ 1,500 cash for books purchased on account earlier in the month.
e. repaid the $ 4,000 loan established in (c).

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