Analyze the following events and complete the requirements.
A. Yarber Industries purchased buildings costing $ 240,000 and land costing $ 190,000 by paying $ 43,000 in cash and signing a note payable for the balance.
B. Cui Manufacturing has an obligation on its books for $ 15,000 owed to a supplier. Cui purchased an additional $ 8,000 in equipment from this supplier making immediate cash payment of $ 23,000 to pay for both the current and previous purchases.
C. GPS Systems has a right to receive $ 3,000 from a customer for purchases previously made on open account. GPS Systems sells $ 8,000 in materials to this customer and receives a check for $ 11,000 at that time to pay for both the current and previous purchases. The materials had cost GPS Systems $ 2,000.
D. Kelsey Company purchased merchandise on open account at a cost of $ 19,500. Kelsey then sold the merchandise to a customer for $ 34,125 cash.
1. Determine the effect of each of the preceding events on the accounting equation.
2. Prepare the general journal entries to record each of these events.

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