And a test statistic is a The article Comparison of
and a test statistic is
a. The article “Comparison of Winter-Nocturnal Geostationary Satellite Infrared-Surface Temperature with Shelter-Height Temperature in Florida” (Remote Sensing of the Environment [1983]: 313– 327) used the simple linear regression model to relate surface temperature as measured by a satellite (y) to actual air temperature (x) as determined from a thermocouple placed on a traversing vehicle. Selected data are given (read from a scatterplot in the article).
Estimate the population regression line.
b. Compute the estimated standard deviation sa. Carry out a test at level of significance .05 to see whether the y intercept of the population regression line differs from zero.
c. Compute a 95% confidence interval for a. Does the result indicate that a = 0 is plausible? Explain.
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