Anit Corporation engaged in the transactions listed below Identify each
Anit Corporation engaged in the transactions listed below. Identify each transaction as
(a) An operating activity,
(b) An investing activity,
(c) A financing activity,
(d) A noncash transaction,
(e) Not on the statement of cash flows. (Assume the indirect method is used.)
1. Declared and paid a cash dividend.
2. Purchased a long-term investment.
3. Increased interest payable.
4. Paid interest.
5. Sold equipment at a loss.
6. Issued long-term bonds for plant assets.
7. Increased dividends receivable.
8. Issued common stock.
9. Declared and issued a stock dividend.
10. Repaid notes payable.
11. Decreased wages payable.
12. Purchased a 60-day Treasury bill.
13. Purchased land.

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