Another product packaged by Prairie Flower Cereal Inc is an
Another product packaged by Prairie Flower Cereal, Inc., is an apple-cinnamon cereal. To test the packaging process of 40-ounce (1,134-gram) packages of this cereal, 23 samples of six packages each are randomly sampled and weighed. The lower and upper acceptance limits have been set at 1,120 grams and 1,150 grams, respectively. The data are contained in the data file Granola.
a. Compute the overall sample mean, sample variance, and variance of the sample means for each sample.
b. Compute the probability that the sample means will be within the acceptance limits.
c. Using your statistical computer package, obtain 23 random samples of size n = 6 and compute the sample mean for each sample. Count the number of sample means that are outside the acceptance limits.
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