Apple Realty acts as an agent in buying selling renting
Apple Realty acts as an agent in buying, selling, renting, and managing real estate.
The trial balance on October 31, 2012, is shown below.

The following business transactions were completed by Apple Realty during November 2012:
Nov. 1 Purchased office supplies on account, $2,100.
2 Paid rent on office for month, $4,000.
3 Received cash from clients on account, $44,600.
5 Paid annual insurance premiums, $5,700.
9 Returned a portion of the office supplies purchased on November 1, receiving full credit for their cost, $400.
17 Paid advertising expense, $5,500.
23 Paid creditors on account, $4,950.
29 Paid miscellaneous expenses, $500.
30 Paid automobile expense (including rental charges for an automobile), $1,500.
30 Discovered an error in computing a commission; received cash from the salesperson for the overpayment, $1,000.
30 Paid salaries and commissions for the month, $27,800.
30 Recorded revenue earned and billed to clients during the month, $83,000.
30 Purchased land for a future building site for $75,000, paying $10,000 in cash and giving a note payable for the remainder.
30 Paid dividends, $5,000.
30 Rented land purchased on November 30 to a local university for use as a parking lot for athletic events; received advance payment of $3,600.

1. Record the November 1, 2012, balance of each account in the appropriate balance column of a T account, and write Balance to identify the opening amounts.
2. Journalize the transactions for November in a two-column journal.
3. Post the journal entries to the T accounts, placing the date to the left of each amount to identify the transaction. Determine the balances for all accounts with more than one posting.
4. Prepare a trial balance of the ledger as of November 30,2012.
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