Question: Apply the VRIO Framework in the following settings Will the

Apply the VRIO Framework in the following settings. Will the actions described be a source of competitive disadvantage, parity, temporary advantage, or sustained competitive advantage? Explain your answers.
a. Procter and Gamble introduces new smaller packaging for its laundry detergent, Tide.
b. American Airlines announces a 5% across-the-board reduction in airfares.
c. The Korean automobile firm Hyundai announces a 10-year, 100,000-mile warranty on its cars.
d. Microsoft makes it easier to transfer data and information from Microsoft Word to Microsoft Excel.
e. Merck is able to coordinate the work of its chemists and biologists in the development of new drugs.
f. Ford patents a new kind of brake pad for its cars.
g. Ashland chemical, a specialty chemical company, patents a new specialty chemical.
h. The New York Yankees sign All-Star pitcher Randy Johnson to a long-term contract.
i. Michael Dell uses the money he has made from Dell Computers to purchase the Dallas Cowboys football team.
j. Ted Turner uses the money he has made from his broadcasting empire to purchase the Atlanta Braves baseball team.

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