Question: Archer Co allows select customers to make purchases on credit

Archer Co. allows select customers to make purchases on credit. Its other customers can use either of two credit cards: Commerce Bank or Aztec. Commerce Bank deducts a 3% service charge for sales on its credit card and immediately credits the bank account of Archer when credit card receipts are deposited. Archer deposits the Commerce Bank credit card receipts each business day. When customers use the Aztec card, Archer accumulates the receipts for several days and then submits them to Aztec for payment. Aztec deducts a 2% service charge and usually pays within one week of being billed. Archer completed the following transactions in August (terms of all credit sales are 2/10, n/30; and all sales are recorded at the gross price).
Aug. 4 Sold $ 3,700 of merchandise (that had cost $ 2,000) on credit to McKenzie Carpenter.
10 Sold $ 5,200 of merchandise (that had cost $ 2,800) to customers who used their Commerce Bank credit cards.
11 Sold $ 1,250 of merchandise (that had cost $ 900) to customers who used their Aztec cards.
14 Received Carpenter’s check in full payment for the purchase of August 4.
15 Sold $ 3,240 of merchandise (that had cost $ 1,758) to customers who used their Aztec cards.
18 Submitted Aztec card receipts accumulated since August 11 to the credit card company for payment.
22 Wrote off the account of Craw Co. against the Allowance for Doubtful Accounts. The $ 498 balance in Craw City’s account stemmed from a credit sale in November of last year.
25 Received the amount due from Aztec.

Prepare journal entries to record the preceding transactions and events. (The company uses the perpetual inventory system. Round amounts to the nearest dollar.)

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