Question: Arusetta Inc produces a popular brand of air conditioner that

Arusetta Inc. produces a popular brand of air conditioner that is backed by a five-year warranty. In Year 1, Arusetta began implementing a total quality management program that has resulted in significant changes in its cost of quality. Listed below is Arusetta’s financial information relating to sales and quality for Years 1 and 2.

a. Prepare a cost of quality report for Arusetta covering Year 1 and Year 2. Your report should divide the above costs into the four categories of quality costs and include total dollar amounts for each category.
b. How have the total amounts of prevention and external failure costs changed over the two years? What are some possible explanations for these changes?
c. At Arusetta, preventive maintenance has a direct effect on the repair costs associated with equipment breakdowns. Did the decrease in repair costs justify the increase in maintenance costs?
d. Why might Arusetta’s estimate of lost sales remain the same despite the adoption of the total quality managementprogram?

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