As a great analyst you ve planned analyzed and designed a
As a great analyst, you've planned, analyzed, and designed a good solution. Now you need to implement it. As part of implementation, do you think that training is just a wasted expense? Stress is common in a help-desk call center. Users of computing services call to get access to locked accounts, get help when technology isn't working as planned, and frequently can become very upset. Employees of the help-desk call center can get stressed out, and this can result in a greater number of sick days, less productivity, and higher turnover. Max Productivity Incorporated (MPI) is a training company that works with people in high-stress jobs. MPI's training program helps employees learn how to relax, how to "shake off" tough users, and how to create "win-win" scenarios. MPI claims to be able to reduce employee turnover by 50 percent, increase productivity by 20 percent, and reduce stress, anger, and depression by 75 percent.

1. How would you challenge MPI to verify its claims regarding reducing turnover, increasing productivity, and decreasing stress and anger?
2. How would you conduct a "cost-benefit" analysis aimed at deciding whether to hire MPI to do ongoing training for your help-desk call center employees?

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