Question: As sales reps for Nguyen Products Byron and Anita have

As sales reps for Nguyen Products, Byron and Anita have generally produced the same average weekly sales volume, but the “consistency” (as measured by the variance of weekly sales) of the two sales reps appears to be different. You take independent random samples of six weeks of sales for each of the two reps. Results (in $1000s) are shown below.
a. Test the null hypothesis that the two populations represented here have equal variances. Assume that both population distributions are normal. Use a significance level of 10%.
b. Can you make the case from this sample data that Byron’s sales are less consistent (have a larger variance) than Anita’s? That is, can we reject a null hypothesis that the variance of Byron’s sales is no greater than the variance of Anita’s sales? Use a significance level of 5%.

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