Question: As software for microcomputers becomes more and more sophisticated the

As software for microcomputers becomes more and more sophisticated, the element of time becomes more crucial. Consequently, manufacturers of software packages need to work on reducing the time required for running application programs. Speed of execution also depends on the computer used. A two-way ANOVA is suggested for testing whether differences exist among three software packages, and among four microcomputers made by NEC, Toshiba, Kaypro, and Apple, with respect to the average time for performing a certain analysis. The results include SS(software) = 77,645, SS(computer) = 54,521, SS(interaction) = 88,699, and SSE = 434,557. The analysis used a sample of 60 runs of each software package-computer combination. Complete an ANOVA table for this analysis carry out the tests, and state your conclusions.

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