As we noted when presenting the recommended control plans in the matrix in Figure that are discussed in Exhibit, we intentionally limited the number of plans to avoid redundancy. For example, we did not include several plans from Chapter 9 such as pre-formatted screens, online prompting, programmed edit checks (e. g., a reasonableness test on the purchase quantity), procedures for rejected inputs, confirm input acceptance, digital signature, and populate input screens with master data. We could also include enter receipts data in receiving. Prepare a control matrix for just these controls. Include explanations of how each recommended existing control plan helps to accomplish—or would accomplish in the case of missing plans—each related control goal. Annotate the flowchart in Figure to indicate the points where the control plans are being applied (codes P- 1,., P- n) or the points where they could be applied but are not (codes M- 1,., M- n).

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