Question: As your instructor directs a Identify at least five stories

As your instructor directs,
a. Identify at least five stories in one or more of the following data sets.
b. Create visuals for three of the stories.
c. Write a memo to your instructor explaining why you chose these stories and why you chose these visuals to display them.
d. Write a memo to some group that might be interested in your findings, presenting your visuals as part of a short report. Possible groups include career counselors, radio stations, advertising agencies, and Mothers Against Drunk Driving.
e. Brainstorm additional stories you could tell with additional data. Specify the kind of data you would need.
1. Data on tipping.

2. Statistics on high school graduates.
a. Curriculum levels completed, by gender

b. Trend in grade point average by gender

c. Trend in twelfth-grade average NAEP readingscores
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