Assume that a uniform magnetic field exists perpendicular to the plane of this page (into it) and has a strength of 0.150 T. Assume further that this field ends sharply at the paper’s edges. A single circular loop of wire is also in the plane of the paper and moves across it from left to right at a speed of 1.00 m/s. The loop has a radius of 1.50 cm. The loop starts with its center 10.0 cm to the left of the left edge, in zero field, enters the field, then exits at the right edge back into zero field until its center is 10.0 cm to the right of the right edge.
(a) Make a sketch of the induced emf in the coil versus time, putting numbers on the time axis and taking positive emf to indicate clockwise direction and negative emf to indicate counterclockwise (the emf axis will not have any numbers on it.)
(b) What is the average emf (magnitude) induced in the coil when it is (1) to the left of the left edge, (2) entering the left side of the field, (3) completely in the field region, (4) exiting the right field edge, and (5) out in the zero field region to the right of the right edge.

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