Assume that accounts payable are processed on a computer and that the options in the accounts payable system module are as follows:
1. Maintain vendor master data (i. e., add, change, or delete vendors in the vendor master data).
2. Record vendor invoices.
3. Record vendor credit memos.
4. Select vendor invoices for payment.
5. Print checks.
6. Record payments.
7. Print accounts payable reports.
Further assume that personnel in the accounts payable department include the department manager and two clerks, M. Matthew and J. Mark.
By placing a “ Y” for yes or an “ N” for no in the following table, show which users, if any, should (or should not) have access to each of the seven accounts payable options. Make and state whatever assumptions you think are necessary. In one or two paragraphs, explain how your matrix design would optimize the segregation of duties controlplan.

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