Assume that Best Electronics completed these selected transactions during March 2014:
a. Sales of $1,800,000 are subject to estimated warranty cost of 4%. The estimated warranty payable at the beginning of the year was $41,000, and warranty payments for the year totaled $67,000.
b. On March 1, Best Electronics signed a $75,000 note payable that requires annual payments of $15,000 plus 3% interest on the unpaid balance each March 2.
c. Music For You, Inc., a chain of music stores, ordered $110,000 worth of CD players. With its order, Music For You, Inc., sent a check for $110,000 in advance, and Best shipped $80,000 of the goods. Best will ship the remainder of the goods on April 3, 2014.
d. The March payroll of $260,000 is subject to employee withheld income tax of $27,900 and FICA tax of 7.65%. On March 31, Best pays employees their take-home pay and accrues all tax amounts.

1. Report these items on Best Electronics’ balance sheet at March 31, 2014.

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