Question: Assume that in a sociology class the teacher gives a

Assume that in a sociology class, the teacher gives a midterm exam and a final exam. Assume that the association between midterm and final scores is linear. Here are the summary statistics:
Midterm: Mean = 72, Standard deviation = 8
Final: Mean = 72, Standard deviation = 8
Also, r = 0.75 and n = 28.
a. Find and report the equation of the regression line to predict the final exam score from the midterm score.
b. For a student who gets 55 on the midterm, predict the final exam score.
c. Your answer to part b should be higher than 55. Why?
d. Consider a student who gets a 100 on the midterm. Without doing any calculations, state whether the predicted score on the final exam would be higher, lower, or the same as 100.

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