Assume that Stained Glass Artistry a new shop that specializes
Assume that Stained Glass Artistry, a new shop that specializes in making stained glass artwork, has hired you to design an integrated database that will provide the owners with the accounting information they need to effectively manage the business. Stained Glass Artistry makes a wide variety of stained glass windows for sale in its store.
A unique job order is assigned to each production run, which includes creating multiple copies of the same basic design. When raw materials are issued to employees, the issuance is documented on a pre-numbered raw material issue form. The different kinds of glass needed for the product, and other materials such as copper foil or lead, are issued at one time, so that employees can efficiently produce the design.
Creating a piece of stained glass art involves several different steps, including cutting, foiling, and soldering. The owners want to track how much time each employee spends each day performing each of those various tasks.
The owners have developed raw material and direct labor standards for each design they offer. They want their AIS to track actual costs and standard costs so that they can generate reports that provide price and quantity variance information.
The owners also have provided you with the following list of facts that they want stored in the database. (Note: You must create appropriate primary keys for each table; this is the list of other attributes.) Attributes in Standard Glass Artistry AIS:

a. Draw an integrated REA diagram for Stained Glass Artistry. Include both minimum and maximum cardinalities.
b. Create the set of relational tables required to implement your REA diagram for Stained Glass Artistry in a relationaldatabase.
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