Question: Assume that you are the chairman of the Department of

Assume that you are the chairman of the Department of Accountancy at Mountain State University. One of the accounting professors in your department, Dr. Candler, has been consistently and uniformly regarded by students as an awful teacher for more than 10 years. Other accounting professors within your department have observed Dr. Candler’s classroom teaching and they concur that his teaching skills are very poor. However, Dr. Candler was granted tenure 12 years ago, thereby ensuring him life- long job security at Mountain State University.
Much to your surprise, today you received a phone from an accounting professor at Oregon Coastal University. During this phone call you are informed that Oregon Coastal University is on the verge of making a job offer to Dr. Candler. However, before extending the job offer, the faculty at Oregon Coastal wants your input regarding Dr. Candler’s teaching effectiveness while at Mountain State University.

How would you respond to the professor from Oregon Coastal University? What would you say about Dr. Candler’s teaching ability? Would you describe your answer to this inquiry as being ethical? Why?

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