Question: Assume the same facts as presented in the Chapter 8

Assume the same facts as presented in the Chapter 8 Reliable Pharmaceutical case. Also assume that you are the project manager for the selected vendor’s development team. Your company, Rx Tech Sys, develops and markets software to retail and hospital pharmacies and has decided to take on the Reliable project to expand potential market share. Rx Tech Sys and Reliable will jointly develop the new software. Rx Tech Sys will then market the finished product to other companies and pay a royalty to Reliable for each sale.
Reliable has assigned an operational manager with some computer experience to your team full-time, and she is authorized to assign other Reliable personnel to your project as needed. You have been assigned a full-time staff of four developers, two of whom have substantial design experience and all of whom participated in developing the most recent version of Rx Pharm Sys software.
What design decisions must be made within the next two weeks? Who should make them? How will design and development proceed thereafter— what tasks must be performed and in what order? How will you manage and control the project?

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