Assume you are the international vice president of a small
Assume you are the international vice president of a small U.S.-based manufacturing corporation. You are trying to expand your business in several developing countries. You are also aware that some business practices are considered to be “acceptable” in these countries but not necessarily in the United States. How would your react to the following situations?
a. You met yesterday with a government official from one of the countries you would like to make sales in. He said that he could speed up the process for acquiring the necessary licenses for conducting business in his country if you would pay him for his time and effort. What would you do?
b. You are trying to make a major sale of your firm’s products to the government of a foreign country. You have identified the key decision maker. You are considering offering the official a monetary payment if she would recommend buying your firm’s products. What would you do?
c. Your firm has a local office in a developing country where you are trying to increase business opportunities. Representatives from a local crime syndicate have approached you and have offered to provide “local security” in exchange for a monthly payment to them. What would you do?
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