Question: Assuming Solar Company has paid no dividends what are the

Assuming Solar Company has paid no dividends, what are the noncontrolling interest’s share of the subsidiary’s income and the ending balance of the noncontrolling interest in the subsidiary?
a. $26,000 and $230,000.
b. $28,800 and $252,000.
c. $34,400 and $240,800.
d. $40,000 and $252,000.

West Company acquired 60 percent of Solar Company for $300,000 when Solar’s book value was $400,000. The newly comprised 40 percent noncontrolling interest had an assessed fair value of $200,000. Also at the acquisition date, Solar had a trademark (with a 10-year life) that was undervalued in the financial records by $60,000. Also, patented technology (with a 5-year life) was undervalued by $40,000. Two years later, the following figures are reported by these two companies (stockholders’ equity accounts have beenomitted):

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