Question: At 900oC Kp 1 04 for the reaction CaCO3 s CaO s

At 900oC, Kp = 1.04 for the reaction
CaCO3(s) ⇌ CaO(s) + CO2(g)
At a low temperature dry ice (solid CO2), calcium oxide, and calcium carbonate are introduced into a 50.0- L reaction chamber. The temperature is raised to 900oC. For the following mixtures, will the initial amount of calcium oxide increase, decrease, or remain the same as the system moves toward equilibrium?
a. 655 g of CaCO3, 95.0 g of CaO, 58.4 g of CO2
b. 780 g of CaCO3, 1.00 g of CaO, 23.76 g of CO2
c. 0.14 g of CaCO3, 5000 g of CaO, 23.76 g of CO2
d. 715 g of CaCO3, 813 g of CaO, 4.82 g of CO2

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