Question: At a merging on ramp of a busy Los Angeles freeway

At a merging on-ramp of a busy Los Angeles freeway, car A is moving directly east on the freeway at a steady speed of 35.0 m/s. Car B is merging onto the freeway from the on-ramp, which points north of due east, moving at 30.0 m/s. (Fig. 3.39.) If the two cars collide, it will be at the point marked x in the figure, which is 350 m down the road from the position of car A. Use the x– y coordinate system to signify E–W versus N–S directions.
(a) What is the velocity of car B relative to car A?
(b) Show that they do not collide at point x.
(c) Determine how far apart the cars are (and which car is ahead) when car B reaches point x.

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