At December 31 2014 the records of NCIS Corporation provided
At December 31, 2014, the records of NCIS Corporation provided the following selected and incomplete data:
Common stock (par $10; no changes during the year).
Shares authorized, 200,000.
Shares issued, ? ; issue price $17 per share; cash collected in full, $2,125,000.
Shares held as treasury stock, 3,000 shares, cost $20 per share.
Net income, $240,340.
Dividends declared and paid, $123,220.
Retained earnings balance, January 1, 2014, $555,000.
The treasury stock was acquired after a stock split was issued.

1. Complete the following tabulation:
Shares authorized _____ .
Shares issued _____ .
Shares outstanding _____ .
2. The balance in the Capital in Excess of Par account appears to be $ _____ .
3. Earnings per share is $ _____ .
4. Dividend paid per share of common stock is $ _____ .
5. Treasury stock should be reported on the balance sheet under the major caption _____ in the amount of $ _____ .
6. Assume that the board of directors voted a 100 percent stock split (the number of shares will double). After the stock split, the par value per share will be $ _____ , and the number of outstanding shares will be _____ .
7. Assuming the stock split mentioned above, give any journal entry that should be made. If none, explain why.
8. Disregard the stock split (assumed above). Assume instead that a 10 percent stock dividend was declared and issued when the market price of the common stock was $21. Give any journal entry that should be made.

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