At September 30 2014 the accounts of Park Terrace Medical
At September 30, 2014, the accounts of Park Terrace Medical Center (PTMC) include the following:
Accounts Receivable ............... $ 141,000
Allowance for Bad Debts (credit balance) ..... 3,400
During the last quarter of 2014, PTMC completed the following selected transactions:
Dec. 28 Wrote off accounts receivable as uncollectible: Red, Co., $ 1,600; Jacob Weiss, $ 1,300; and Star, Inc., $ 300
31 Recorded bad debts expense based on the aging of accounts receivable, as follows:

1. Journalize the transactions.
2. Open the Allowance for Bad Debts T-account, and post entries affecting that account. Keep a running balance.
3. Show how Park Terrace Medical Center should report net accounts receivable on its December 31, 2014, balancesheet.
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