Question: At the 20X5 annual meeting for Jasmine s shareholders Curry nominated

At the 20X5 annual meeting for Jasmine’s shareholders, Curry nominated seven directors for Jasmine’s 12- person board of directors. After some negotiation, five of Curry’s nominees were accepted onto the board. During fiscal year 20X6 the following occurred:
1. Curry shifted a substantial amount of business to Jasmine. Jasmine became the major supplier of one of Curry’s raw materials and had sales totaling $ 7,000,000 to Curry. Of that total, $ 1,000,000 was in Curry’s raw materials inventory at year-end. The other $ 6,000,000 had been utilized in finished goods, of which one- third was still in inventory on March 31, 20X6.
2. Curry began selling some products to Cinnamon Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of Jasmine. Fiscal 20X6 sales totaled $ 2,500,000, all within the last two months of the year. At year-end, 60% of the sales were still in Cinnamon’s inventory.
3. Operating results for fiscal 20X6 were reported as follows:

Using the information above and in P6- 9, prepare a schedule(s) in which you:
1. Compute the amount of investment income that Curry should recognize in fiscal 20X6 from its investment in Jasmine.
2. Compute the balance of Curry’s investment account for its investment in Jasmine at March 31,20X6.

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