At the beginning of August Havasu Printers Company budgeted 30 000
At the beginning of August, Havasu Printers Company budgeted 30,000 books to be printed in August at standard direct materials and direct labor costs as follows:
Direct materials ... $15,000
Direct labor ..... 72,000
Total ........ $87,000

The standard materials price is $0.40 per pound. The standard direct labor rate is $12 per hour. At the end of August, the actual direct materials and direct labor costs were as follows:
Actual direct materials .. $13,320
Actual direct labor ..... 60,000
Total .......... $73,320

There were no direct materials price or direct labor rate variances for August. In addition, assume no changes in the direct materials inventory balances in  August. Havasu Printers Company actually produced 24,500 units during August.
Determine the direct materials quantity, direct labor time variances, and the total variance.

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