Question: At the beginning of the current year Hardin Company had

At the beginning of the current year, Hardin Company had 20,000 shares of $ 10 par common stock outstanding. During the year, it engaged in the following transactions related to its common stock, so that at year- end it had 63,800 shares outstanding:
Apr. 2 Issued 5,000 shares of stock.
June 4 Issued 4,000 shares of stock.
July 1 Issued a 10% stock dividend.
Sept. 28 Issued a 2- for- 1 stock split, reducing the par value to $ 5 per share.
Oct. 3 Reacquired 1,000 shares as treasury stock.
Nov. 27 Reissued the 1,000 shares of treasury stock.
Determine the weighted average number of shares outstanding for computing the current earnings per share.

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