At the beginning of the year Jessel Inc has total
At the beginning of the year, Jessel, Inc., has total stockholders’ equity of $600,000 and 20,000 outstanding shares of a single class of capital stock. During the year, the corporation completes the following transactions affecting its stockholders’ equity accounts:
Jan. 16 A 5 percent stock dividend is declared and distributed. (Market price, $50 per share.)
Feb. 9 The corporation acquires 300 shares of its own capital stock at a cost of $55 per share.
Mar. 3 All 300 shares of the treasury stock are reissued at a price of $65 per share.
Jul. 5 The capital stock is split 2-for-1.
Nov. 22 The board of directors declares a cash dividend of $6 per share, payable on January 22.
Dec. 31 Net income of $87,000 is reported for the year ended December 31.

Compute the amount of total stockholders’ equity, the number of shares of capital stock outstanding, and the book value per share following each successive transaction. Organize your solution as a three-column schedule with these separate column headings:
(1) “Total Stockholders’ Equity,”
(2) “Number of Shares Outstanding,” and
(3) “Book Value per Share.”

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