Question: At the end of 2013 Creative Legal Associates CLA had

At the end of 2013, Creative Legal Associates (CLA) had total assets of $17 billion and total liabilities of $9.2 billion. Included among the assets were property, plant, and equipment with a cost of $4.2 billion and accumulated depreciation of $2.7 billion. CLA completed the following selected transactions during 2014: The Company earned total revenues of $26.2 billion and incurred total expenses of $22 billion, which included depreciation of $1.6 billion. During the year, CLA paid $1.8 billion for new property, plant, and equipment and sold old plant assets for $0.7 billion. The cost of the assets sold was $1.1 billion, and their accumulated depreciation was $0.8 billion.

1. Explain how to determine whether CLA had a gain or loss on the sale of old plant assets during the year. What was the amount of the gain or loss, if any?
2. Show how CLA would report property, plant, and equipment on the balance sheet at December 31, 2014, after all the year’s activity. What was the book value of property, plant, and equipment?
3. Show how CLA would report its operating activities and investing activities on its statement of cash flows for 2014. Ignore gains and losses.

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