Question: At the end of 2014 Mejorar Company implemented a low cost

At the end of 2014, Mejorar Company implemented a low-cost strategy to improve its competitive position. Its objective was to become the low-cost producer in its industry. A Balanced Scorecard was developed to guide the company toward this objective. To lower costs, Mejorar undertook a number of improvement activities such as JIT production, total quality management, and activity-based management. Now, after two years of operation, the president of Mejorar wants some assessment of the achievements. To help provide this assessment, the following information on one product has been gathered:
Amount that could be produced given the available production hours; everything produced is sold. ** Amount that was produced given the available production hours.
1. Compute the following measures for 2014 and 2016:
a. Actual velocity and cycle time
b. Percentage of total revenue from new customers (assume one unit per customer)
c. Percentage of very satisfied customers (assume each customer purchases one unit)
d. Market share
e. Percentage change in actual product cost (for 2016 only)
f. Percentage change in days of inventory (for 2016 only)
g. Defective units as a percentage of total units produced
h. Total hours of training
i. Suggestions per production worker
j. Total revenue
k. Number of new customers
2. For the measures listed in Requirement 1, list likely strategic objectives, classified according
to the four Balance Scorecard perspectives. Assume there is one measure per objective.

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