At the end of 20X6 OverBright Lighting Limited has a
At the end of 20X6, OverBright Lighting Limited has a large stock of incandescent lighting fixtures that are becoming obsolete due to a new trend to low- energy fluorescent and LED lighting fixtures. The current inventory of incandescent fixtures has a laid- down cost of $ 340,000. The sales manager of OverBright estimates that the inventory can be sold through the normal course of business over the next several reporting quarters for approximately $ 300,000. Sales personnel are given a 10% commission on sales. In addition, OverBright will grant an additional 5% sales bonus for sales of these almost- obsolete fixtures, intended to make up for the reduced sales prices as well as an additional incentive to sell them.
In early 20X7, OverBright’s production manager decided that the fixtures can be adapted to not only accept the new LED lighting but also compete quite effectively with new products coming on the market. During 2007, the fixtures are converted at a cost of $ 50,000. The sales manager estimates that after the conversion, the newly adapted inventory can be repriced to fetch $ 370,000 (before 10% sales commission) in the market.

Using the valuation allowance method, prepare the appropriate journal entries to record inventory adjustments at the end of each of 20X6 and 20X7.
The records of Loren Movers Ltd. contained the following inventory data:

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