At the end of fiscal year 2014 the City of
At the end of fiscal year 2014, the City of Marshall’s General Fund pre-adjusting trial balance showed the following balances for operating and budgetary accounts and fund balance accounts.

The City of Marshall uses the purchases method of accounting for its inventory of supplies in the General Fund. The city uses a periodic inventory system in which the amount of inventory used during the year and the amount on hand at the end of the year are determined by a physical inventory. During the year, $220,000 of supplies were purchased and recorded as expenditures. These purchases are included in the final expenditures balance of $6,192,000 shown above. The physical inventory revealed a supplies balance of $152,000 at the end of fiscal year 2014, an increase of $12,000 from the prior year.

a. Provide the required adjusting journal entry (or entries) in the General Fund general journal at the end of 2014.
b. Provide the required journal entries in the General Fund general journal to close the operating statement and budgetary accounts at the end of2014.
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